Necrons Illuminor Szeras

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    Pariah features datasheets for four heroes and villains of the 41st Millennium. First up is Illuminor Szeras, the genius/maniac (delete as applicable) behind Necron biotransference. Now he stalks the galaxy seeking the secrets of life and new ways to augment Necron technology. He’s been working on his own body since we last saw him – it’s now larger, features some mysterious blackstone, and grants him the ability to manipulate energy at the atomic level.

    This stunning model will make a fine centerpiece in any Necron army. Plus, with his special rule that lets him improve Necron Warriors in-game, he’ll fit in really well with the Necron half of the Indomitus boxed set. We’re sure that Illuminor Szeras will be a favorite among painters, and we expect him to feature in a fair few Golden Demon entries in the future!

    - $42.50

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